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Media Determinism in Learning: Current Events

Sarah Richardson and Darren Wilson The debate over whether media influences the way we think and learn can be traced back to Harold Innis and Marshall McLuhan (Cohen, 2000). Critics of McLuhan’s theory that “media are extensions of man” –… Continue Reading →

People in the Field – Priya Lakhani, OBE

Priya Lakhani, OBE is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Century Tech, a learning platform that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and neuroscience to provide personalized learning to students in the UK, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East (Century Tech,… Continue Reading →

Lessons Weller’s 25 Years of Ed Tech

LRNT 523 A lesson from this week’s readings of Martin Weller’s 25 Years of Ed Tech (2020) that has immediate relevance to my work in real estate, especially real estate education is blogging. As Weller (2020) explained, “blogging emerged from… Continue Reading →

A Reflection on Weller’s 25 Years of Ed Tech

Martin Weller’s 25 Years of Ed Tech offers a fascinating glimpse at the technologies and practices that have created and shaped education technology. Prior to this course, I viewed education technology solely through the lens of my own experiences as… Continue Reading →

Welcome to your site!

This is your WebSpace powered by WordPress site. It will be the home for your journey through the MALAT program, and you can customize it to meet your needs and reflect your style. Use these tutorials to learn more about… Continue Reading →

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