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Microlearning as a means of training Middle Managers

I submitted my final Capstone research paper on how Microlearning can be a means of training Middle Managers in June of 2019.  I received a passing grade, and am now a Master of Arts in Learning and Technology.  Should you… Continue Reading →

Framing the Frameworks

Something I’ve struggled with throughout my time in the MALAT program is the ability to be concise and brief.  Narrowing my focus to a just a couple of theoretical frameworks has proven to be another challenge in that respect.  My… Continue Reading →

After the paper is finished…

How might I disseminate my research once my research paper is completed? As my focus is coming into view, I am feeling more strongly that I’m interested in employment related training, but am yet to determine exactly how best practices… Continue Reading →

5 key strategies when facilitating in online learning environments

    After spending many years as an online facilitator, as well as reviewing the work of varied experts as part of our LRNT 528 Unit 1 readings, one key element really comes to the fore when discussing strategies to… Continue Reading →

LRNT 527 – The design thinking process – A final reflection

  It has been very refreshing to have now embarked on a ‘maker’ type course as part of my Masters degree, after so many theoretical and critical review type courses.  I am a firm believer in the concept that we… Continue Reading →

My ‘Maker’ Design Plan

Description: This purpose of this resource is to help a new administrator/registrar to gain the ability to use a digital tool which will allow them to create reminders and prioritize tasks, syncing across devices.     Learning Goals: If successful,… Continue Reading →

Using the SECTIONS Framework

As I further consider the kind of learning activity and approach I want to build for my Front of House Coordinator, I have decided to use Bates’ SECTIONS framework to guide me as I refine and reflect on potential choices. … Continue Reading →

Finding a way to define….

    Admittedly, I have not completed all of the empathy interviews/observations which will fully inform the define method I choose as part of my design challenge. I have, in a word, had ‘challenges’ scheduling these interviews, as the organization… Continue Reading →

How will I gain empathy?

I sure wish I had the empathy building tools and knowledge I have now when I was creating needs assessments as an adult education instructor.  The beginning of each month’s theme/unit was a needs assessment with the class to ascertain… Continue Reading →

Can’t reflect until you’re done!

A quick note here to reflect on my experience of inquiry into video based learning through the lens of Cognitive Load Theory.  Sunday was a rough day for me, as after allowing an update to the Mendeley software, I lost… Continue Reading →

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