My Visual Network

Disclaimer: The online app did not work for the LinkedIn account that I presently occupy. Please read below.

Below is a visual representation of me, as a node in a network, of other nodes (people). My experience with networks, social media, and connecting with others online stems back to the late 1980s. The Internet or the World Wide Web was not readily available to the public at this time. The networks I was involved with, during these early days, were restricted to bulletin board systems (BBS). I was introduced to the Internet during the early 1990s and was also involved with social media since its inception in the 2000s. However, I found that my involvement with social media took time away from my other passions. I, therefore, made a conscious decision to dedicate my online time as a visitor. The online social media apps that I do use are dedicated to marketing the program I presently coordinate.

2 thoughts on “My Visual Network

  1. Interesting Darin. After reviewing the maps/plans of others, do you feel more or less inclined to expand deeper into the resident position overall?

    1. Todd,
      I have played the role of resident dating back prior to the introduction of the Internet to the general population. After 20 years as a resident, I felt burnout. Plus the onslaught of social media takes time away from my real life. I am perfectly happy and productive in the real world now as a visitor. I may adjust the balance later on. It is now other people’s turn to take on the role of resident.

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