Final Critical Reflection LRNT526

Post-Dated due to lack of access to WordPress Access over the 9 and 10th of June.

I am on the final stretch of completing my summary and re-editing my paper entitled 360° Video: The Future of Video-Based Learning. I have come across so much hype and assumptions about the use of 360° Video for educational purposes. VR does enhance a learner’s experience, but at the same time it can hinder the retention of new pedagogical material. The majority of research and findings showed that the immersive environments overpowers what is intended to be learned. Overall, many individuals found that, as of present day, VR or 360° video is seen more as a novelty and not an educational tool (Harrington, 2017; Rupp et al.). I have even found the experience of VR through the use of googles more of a toy. I do not think I would be able to learn within a 360° environment as compared to traditional 2D video-based learning (VBL). I even find that, I favour in-class face-to-face over that of VBL. 

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  1. Darin thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. It’s great to see your thinking expand and sharpen over time.

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