My Final Reflections on Leading Change in Digital Learning

Overall I have a new outlook on project management. I was able to look at myself and assess my styles and compare them with different theories that are available. To be perfectly frank, this course was well organized, well presented, and the flow was seamless from beginning to end. The irony of it all was that I have never had any formal training in project management, change management, or management for that matter. I’ve never considered myself a manager, yet I find myself tackling some of the tasks that were covered in this course. 

I had even planned this summer to take a course in project management. This is the one Area of expertise I have little or no training in. The purpose of taking a course on project management is to implement the learned material within the program and courses I teach in and coordinate. Even with the help of each stage found within this course, I was able to create a custom framework that will fit well within the Interactive Media Management program at Algonquin College. Perhaps leading change in digital learning environments is not as complex as I originally thought.

Thank you.

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