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I have been a huge advocate about copyright most of my lifetime. My father helped me understand the importance of following copyright and respecting the works of other. I have been a teacher for the last fourteen years and have applied copyright, citations and fair use policy within the multimedia program I teach in. I even have the latest copy of Canadian Copyright book in my library. Melanie did offer some new points in regards to creative commons (CC). There is still some research I must complete on the different levels of creative commons licensing. I have taken a keen interest in open educational resources (OER) and there is so much more to be done in creating a repository of researched and validated OERs within the academic community. I teach for a living, so I will be immediately implementing these options into my teachings.

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  1. Hi Darin,

    Do you think that the copyright regulations are strongly enforced at the college level? Do you think there is opportunity to better train students in how to properly cite and give credit where it’s due, specifically with new college students? I ask because I went to both college and university and during my time at a local college I was never asked to obey proper copyright or citation policies. I’m curious to know if perhaps that has evolved since my time there, I imagine it depends on the course type and instructors as well.

    1. Katie,
      College’s have been much slower to enforce copyright within the system. There is definitely an opportunity to properly train students in copyright and citation. However, I think there should be a different level of citation put in place for colleges. From my experience and observation, the level of students is different than those students in university.

      The implementation of copyright and citation is up to the teachers. However, the majority of the college teaching population are part-time. Therefore it is difficult to implement or enforce the use of copyright and citation. I am diligent in the use of copyright within the multimedia program I coordinate and the courses I teach. I ensure that all teachers in the program do follow copyright protocol while they teach in the program. We also include a series of open source material for the students to use in their projects, for which they must produce source documentation. It does not follow APA or MLA standards, but it does educate the student on the proper and fair use of media.

  2. Hi Darin!

    So you are not new to these waters! It is an interesting journey particularly coming from a different country, even though we might think that a copyright is a copyright, right? Well, let me share with you that it is frustrating to see that in my country copyright goes as far as where politics permit. Sad to say, and I must add that I do not approve that!

    On a brighter scene, it is exciting to learn that you plan to embark into OERs! So many people can benefit from that, and I do not mean in an economical manner but educationally speaking. Good for you!


    1. Alfonso,
      Yes, it can be quite frustrating when dealing with copyright in different countries. I may also be fighting the good fight up hill. I will not stop. Copyright is in my blood.

      I think now we are at an incredible cusp of moving forward as humans through the use of education. We can share our resources to allow everyone to become educated. OERs will be the way of the future. The problem is the lack of focus. As there is the Berne Convention set out to give direction for copyright in the world, so to should there be a convention for open educational resources.

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