Hello, thank you for taking the time from a busy day to visit my student blog.  My regular blog can be found at duggsteary.com

Who am I?

I am an experienced educator focusing on integrating technology in the classroom to enhance the students’ education experience.  Wow, that’s a big statement!

Where am I coming from?

I began my career as a Paramedic training in North Conway, New Hampshire (in the USA) before returning to Ontario in 1994. Working as a Paramedic in Northern Ontario while attending Lakehead University, I served the communities of Nipigon, Shuniah, Armstrong and Thunder Bay before moving to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island to complete my Advanced Care Paramedic training.

While working in the City of Halifax I was recruited into the Ontario Air Ambulance Service where I started rotary wing (helicopter) emergency medicine in Moosonee, Ontario before moving and settling in London, Ontario where I completed my training as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic. I now have over 22 years experience as a Paramedic in rural and remote, urban, disaster and retrieval settings.

Drawn to education early, I taught pre-hospital, wilderness and retrieval medicine to organizations and individuals across Northern and Central America and currently work as an educator with the Paramedic Programs at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.  I have developed curriculum and training programs for the Ontario MOHLTC CBRNe initiative, the Canadian military and government agencies, I have authored textbook chapters and have been a member of the command staff for the Ontario Emergency Medical Assistance Team (EMAT), a provincial disaster response team.

Anything else?

During my downtime, you will find me completing work for my graduate program, with my family camping, sailing, or reading.  I hope that someone soon will develop a method to safely sleep less and play more.  I feel it’s important to know that I hate referring to myself in the third person and am not a big fan of brussel sprouts…

Thanks for making it through that long-winded biography.   I hope you enjoy this blog.

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