Digital Presence and Identity Plan

Digital presence and identity is a concept I have wrestled with for some time now.  I know I am not alone in this struggle.  Many individuals and organizations try and fail, or succeed, each day with their online/digital identity.  For me, my current struggle is a result of too many engagements with platforms that may not be best suited for my long-term objectives.

As part of my exploration of who I am online, I created an internet Visitor and Resident map as well as digital network maps for my Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter networks.  The results were surprising to me.  Seemingly, not only have I dove head first into the growing ocean of the internet, I am also leaving many pieces of my presence and personal information floating behind me along the way. Details of my Visitor and Resident map and digital network maps can be found in my previous blog post here.

Reviewing my current digital presence and identity, I made the following observations:

• I may be involved in too many social network platforms – I am not yet ready to observe this with absolution and am still reviewing critically.

• Due to the time required to maintain these platforms efficiently, I am not able to contribute regularly to the level required to fully take advantage of all networks completely.  Specifically, in LinkedIn, my profile is not maintained regularly and I rarely post additional content for my network.

• Finally, I may be involved in platforms that are not best suited for my future objectives.  One example of this is Instagram. Until recently I reserved this platform for my medical moulage business, Graphic Images.  My network has not grown and my small business may be too specialized for this platform to be used as secondary marketing.

So, what is my plan moving forward?  Currently, I have no defined objective with regards to what networks I employ or contribute regularly too.  Rather, I have invested time by instinctually engage in platforms that seem to have potential or are gaining popularity.  As such, I am looking forward to the next month.  During this period I plan to create a defined target plan and project ten years out from today.  I am hoping by creating an objective-based digital presence and identity plan, the process will flow easily from there.

Each network platform, i.e.Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., have unique strengths and demographics which I need to identify and leverage as part of this plan.  Measuring the success of my plan shall prove to be simple as I will continue to use tools and metrics I already employ with renewed focus.  These tools will include analytics such as SumAll for reach and engagement measurements.

Thank you for taking the time to review my latest blog post.  Please return here as I continue to post about my journey and outline how my digital identity plan unfolds.  If you have suggestions, please comment below as I would appreciate any feedback you may have.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Image: “Nature Laptop” by Ed Gregory is licensed under CC BY 2.0