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month May 2018

Rethinking: digital presence

Looking back at my previous blog post where I mapped my digital presence as related to White’s continuum of Visitors and Residents, I had some thoughts on how to move ahead with developing my digital identity towards becoming a “Resident”… Continue Reading →

Visual of my network

For this activity, I used Socilab to create a visual of my LinkedIn network. Socilab is a free/open source web app providing an automated way of visualizing one’s network. In addition, it calculates many metrics used in social network analysis… Continue Reading →

Personal Charter: Cultivating Digital Presence and Identity

Reading about White’s continuum of “Visitors” and “Residents” (White, 2011), in addition to mapping my online engagement, made me further reflect about my current practices of digital presence and online social interactions with others. It was evident that as Visitor, I… Continue Reading →

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