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Group Two – Draft Facilitation Plan

Learning Objective  Learners will be introduced to the topic of leading synchronous and asynchronous discourse in an online environment while managing the diverse perspectives and conflicting ideas shared by participants. Our team chose to approach the topic of conflict and… Continue Reading →

3-2-1 – Thoughts, Questions and a Metaphor

Prior to attending the MALAT program, I had limited experience and exposure with an online learning environment. Years ago, I took Human Resources courses online, but that involved reading the textbook, answering questions, submitting them and then following up with… Continue Reading →

Can Change be Innovative?

Changing a process or implementing a new and exciting learning management system does not constitute innovation. Change occurs because a decision is made to improve the existing state of a process. Many times, the decision to improve a method is… Continue Reading →

Empowering Learners – Dr. Ron Owston

It was important for me to find someone who lived within Ontario, ideally close to me (within 100 kilometers) who had contributed to the field of education and technology.  I was delighted and honoured to learn about Dr. Ron Owston…. Continue Reading →

Copyright Law – WHO KNEW?

As I listened to the tutorial from Melanie Wrobel, I was once more struck by the fact that “we don’t know what we don’t know” (Levy, 2019, 24.17).  I imagine that I could listen to the tutorial another five times… Continue Reading →

Dr Veletsianos – Answers to Research Questions

Dr. Veletsianos’ answers to the questions LRNT522 student’s asked, were very informative.  With each question and answer, I discovered new information that I can apply to my research project.  The concept of snowball sampling in research was of interest to… Continue Reading →

What Makes a Good Research Question?

“In qualitative research, the intent is to explore the complex set of factors surrounding the central phenomenon and present the varied perspectives or meanings that participants hold. Ask one or two central questions followed by no more than five to… Continue Reading →

Updating my Digital Presence and Identity Plan

Updating my Digital Presence and Identity Plan On May 2nd I blogged about cultivating my digital presence and digital identity.  Today’s blog is a reflection on what I have learned and how I will move forward with my digital presence. … Continue Reading →

Lessons in Active Learning

This week I spoke with the employees of our Information Technology Department.  Prior to meeting with them, I believed that they were all ‘techies’ and had some sort of higher-level understanding of technology.  I believed they could learn in any… Continue Reading →

Inclusion through Digital Learning

By Laren Helfer, Caroline Monsell and Kerry Sharples Technology allows groups from different geographical areas, and of all sorts, to connect in real-time, often without a financial cost to any of the group members (Jimerson, 2018). Digital Learning makes successfully… Continue Reading →

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