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Experiencing Project Challenges

Three years ago, I worked on a project that involved planning, developing and implementing two learning and development modules for the City’s new HR/financial system. The two modules supported competency management (tracking learning initiatives) and performance management (tracking performance reviews,… Continue Reading →

Change Management

Change in a digital learning environment may be described as new or updated software, a new learning management system or simply a change to an existing process. Regardless of the size of change, anything that affects people or a process… Continue Reading →

Leadership 101

Leaders play a critical role in the success of organizational change.  Al-Haddad & Kotnour, 2015 asserted that planning for change and addressing critical factors in the change process promotes success. Leaders are responsible for planning and addressing critical factors in… Continue Reading →

Inspire and Motivate People into Action

Anyone can have the title of Manager, Director, Principal or Dean. It is an occupation with tasks that need to be accomplished. However, a leader is someone who inspires and motivates people into action. A leader who is reflective in… Continue Reading →

Maker Configurations and Health and Safety Talks?

Having the opportunity to read ‘Take Making into the Classroom’ was synonymous for me to opening a present that I have always wanted and never received.  I have been waiting to learn how to create in class interactive learning that… Continue Reading →

Empathetic Design – Has it always existed?

I remember the day as if it was yesterday.  In 2004, I was a Technical Specialist for a large downtown law firm.  One of my core responsibilities was the delivery of one to one technical training (on Microsoft 1998) to… Continue Reading →

Can Change be Innovative?

Changing a process or implementing a new and exciting learning management system does not constitute innovation. Change occurs because a decision is made to improve the existing state of a process. Many times, the decision to improve a method is… Continue Reading →

Understanding and Preventing Stress

Blog Post created by Lisa Gates and Caroline Monsell In Activity Two we participated in the Stanford d.School design process (2016) in partners.This experience led us to the development of a prototype for a blended online course consisting of three… Continue Reading →

Open Pedagogy Empowers Learners

There are several learner centered benefits when designing instruction using open pedagogy and open educational resources. Although, Merrill (2002) asserted that instructional design must include a problem centered approach incorporating activation of previously learned information, demonstration and application of skills… Continue Reading →

Screen Time

Twenty-three years ago, my children were between the ages of two and five.  Computers were not a mainstay in everyone’s home and the definition of screen time related to watching television.  Just like today, we had Sesame Street and Thomas… Continue Reading →

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