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Framing the Research (Activity #1: Theoretical Framework)

My research topic examines building virtual communities among members within professional associations. Based on the context and the preliminary research that has been conducted, I choose self-determination theory as my theoretical framework to help guide my work. This framework distinguishes… Continue Reading →

Putting Research into Action: Disseminating Research

Membership plays an integral role within the Municipal Finance Officers’ Association (MFOA). Our membership is made up of municipal finance staff members from each of the 444 municipalities in Ontario. Over the years, face to face networking at events and… Continue Reading →

Wrap Up: 3-2-1

The past four weeks has been an informative and interesting learning experience for me. As a learner, I really valued the opportunity to be exposed to different online facilitation environments and styles. The topics that were chosen and the variety… Continue Reading →

Community of Inquiry: Strategies for Facilitating Online Workshops

  Creating a sense of community within a short period of time is often a challenge for online workshops. As the Program Manager at my organization, the Community of Inquiry (CoI) provides a framework that is helpful for developing workshops… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Facilitating in Digital Learning Environments

Similar to teaching, I believe that they are various facilitation styles that guide an individual as they are facilitating. As of now, I do not have a lot of experience with facilitation in digital learning environments, however I am sure… Continue Reading →

Reflecting to Understand

In 2007, I accepted a job in Japan to be an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT). I had no prior experience teaching, but I knew that I wanted to working with children and support them to reach their full potential. Through… Continue Reading →

Activity #3 – Design Note: Creating Engagement and Awareness

As a professional association for finance professionals in municipal government, the Municipal Finance Officers’ Association of Ontario (MFOA) strives to support its members by providing a resource hub for relevant and timely training and policy work. The membership is unique… Continue Reading →

Deconstructing My Own Assumptions

I thoroughly enjoyed all the presentations that took place. I felt that it was a great opportunity for me to gain a deeper insight into the different learning events that my classmates experienced and how it related to their independent… Continue Reading →

Experiential Learning with Simulations

The following is a joint blog post from Team 5: Christina Jones, Eunice Leung, Tala Mami, Kerry Sharples, and Lorne Strachan. Click HERE to view and download our infographic. The learning technology our team collectively took part in was a… Continue Reading →

Examining the Virtualization of Traditional Environments

There are 444 municipalities in Ontario all ranging from various sizes and tiers (Ontario.ca, 2020). As communities continue to grow and develop, there are greater demands for increased services and to build better infrastructure. Municipalities are required to become increasingly… Continue Reading →

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