Disseminating my Research

How am I going to disseminate my research?  That is a great question!  Until now I had not really planned to circulate my research, but this course as made me realize the importance of sharing my work.

The focus of my research is training staff at non-profit organizations, I think it would be beneficial to share my work with non-profit organizations!  I would like to hold a professional development workshop with the organization where I volunteer (Heritage Park).  That may be a nice way to start sharing what I find in my research.

I am also interested in building some tools to help training be successful and use the information from my ARP.  I am going into this research thinking (and hoping) to find new technologies that can aid in non-profit organizations with their training.  Perhaps I could disseminate my findings and help design some modules.  At this point, I think this would happen with the same non-profit organization as where I give the professional development workshop.

At this point my network in this field is small.  I hope to change that fact soon.

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