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A MALAT journey

Community of Inquiry facilitation strategy

image credit: (Garrison, Anderson, & Archer, 1999)     “An educational community of inquiry is a group of individuals who collaboratively engage in purposeful critical discourse and reflection to construct personal meaning and confirm mutual understanding.” (“CoI Framework | CoI,”… Continue Reading →

There’s a new Sheriff in town.

Image Credit Suddenly and with little warning we are all seeking to hone our virtual skills. Our abilities to captivate and engage an audience through natural abilities was suddenly put on notice. A new Sheriff is in town and this… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Reflection

fanjianhua / Getty Images   When beginning the process of identifying a problem of practice in my context I started by examining the current course curriculum to identify learning barriers. This initial reflective process would most closely resemble Boud’s Triangular… Continue Reading →

Digital Learning Resource concept planning map

Today I spent a few hours working on my VideoScribe skills and put together this Whiteboard animation of my D.L.R. map. I hope you enjoy it and please offer your feedback.  

Digital Learning Resource using H5P and Whiteboard animation.

Hi everyone, I have been working on my digital learning resource using white board animation and H5P to add in interactive elements. I do intend to redo the whiteboard animation to include audio to add some clarity but for now… Continue Reading →

Coming to terms with a Problem of Practice.

The idea of expressing a student learning challenge explicitly was a new concept for me. As an instructor I would often recognize learning challenges faced by the students but fall short of putting a plan into action to formally address… Continue Reading →

Filling in the gaps with Podcasting.

Over the last few weeks, Lisa, Leigha, Kathy and Terra and I been reviewing the application of Podcasting for education. A quick search of online podcasting sources revealed a wide range of uses from opinion based editorials, pop culture interviews,… Continue Reading →

The soft approach to sudden change.

With a sense of urgency that comes with times of sudden change, my Malat learnings have become a reality. No longer able to “dip my toes into digital delivery” or “try some things out” I had to execute the ideas… Continue Reading →

Implementation of Digital Technologies.

Team submission: Lisa Gedak, Leigha Nevay, Sue Reid Over the previous two weeks Lisa, Sue, Leigha and I have been working collaboratively to build an Learning Technology implementation guide. We met synchronously via Blackboard to discuss the division of work… Continue Reading →

Increasing Learner engagement through the use of digital tools.

After listening to Sheninger’s 2018 audio book on digital leadership I was left asking how can I increase learner engagement in my classes and develop meaningful relevant learning to teach 21st century skills? For some time now I have noted… Continue Reading →

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