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A MALAT journey

Implementation of Digital Technologies.

Team submission: Lisa Gedak, Leigha Nevay, Sue Reid Over the previous two weeks Lisa, Sue, Leigha and I have been working collaboratively to build an Learning Technology implementation guide. We met synchronously via Blackboard to discuss the division of work… Continue Reading →

Increasing Learner engagement through the use of digital tools.

                                                                               … Continue Reading →

Staying in touch with Leadership and change.

It would seem in today’s fast paced world change is inevitable. This sentiment is heard often and in many different contexts. It is no longer the norm to remain in a state of unchanging as everything, it would seem, is… Continue Reading →

Leading from behind.

Last week Team A, Lisa Gedak, Leigha Nevay, Sue Reid and I shared our hierarchical list of the 20 leadership attributes sourced from Carolin Rekar Munro’s worksheet, Characteristics of Admired Leaders. This exercise allowed each of us to contemplate individual… Continue Reading →

Innovating for change or changing to innovate?

https://imgbin.com/png/3ATT3QBp/innovation-the-early-learning-lab-information-early-childhood-education-png This PNG image can be used for Non-commercial Use. In his paper, Innovation and Change: Changing How we Change the author Jon Dron (2014) draws attention to the finer distinctions of innovation as it relates to distance education by… Continue Reading →

Promoting student growth through thoughtful instructional design

Coauthored by Sandra Kuipers and Owen Lloyd Introduction and context. Both Sandra and I share a common background with teaching providing us an excellent opportunity to apply the design thinking procedure to the context of our students. Through the execution… Continue Reading →

Opening a dialogue about Open.

As I read through chapter 11.4 of Tony Bates’ book Teaching in a Digital Age I was struck by level of consideration that was being given to the emotional state of the learner. In this chapter Tony references Hegarty’s 2015… Continue Reading →

Screen Time. Its all about context.

  The coming of the iPhone and its equally disruptive partner, the iPad, ushered in the era of “too much screen time” fear mongering. My wife and I raised two kids through this era and we too harbored the fears… Continue Reading →

Investigating Education by Radio.

With the dawn of radio in the early 1900’s, a new era in public knowledge was born. With the first public radio broadcast, the way the general public became informed was forever changed. This change brought about an increased awareness… Continue Reading →

Debating effects of Media and Technology on Learning.

Co-authored by: Leigha Nevay, Tala Mami, Caroline Monsell, Kerry Sharples, and Owen Lloyd ____________________________________________________________________________________ Summary of the points of view in Clark and Kozma’s Papers. Richard E. Clark and Robert B. Kozma are considered by many as the founding fathers… Continue Reading →

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