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Unit 2 – Activity 1 – Innovation

In unit two of my LRNT 524 course, we are discussing and reading about innovation and how it affects the way people learn from and with technology. In a Collaborate session with my instructor this week, eight different definitions of… Continue Reading →

Part A-Design Thinking Assignment: A Tool for Teacher Collaboration

Please see my partner Sanjay Pottinger’s blog

Activity 1 – Thoughts & Concerns about Instructional Design

  In my newest course in the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology (MALAT) program, we are exploring innovation, design, and learning environments. After reading about open pedagogy (Bates, 2019), and its use of open educational resources (OER), I… Continue Reading →

Activity 7 – Screen Time & Health

In today’s digital age, parents have new issues that alarm them which were of no concern to my parents when I was growing up. I’ve discussed screen time with my teenage students in the past. Most of their households have… Continue Reading →

Assignment 2 – Frieda Hennock Synthesis

Assignment 2 – Synthesis of Five Scholarly Sources: The Legacy of Frieda Hennock Susan Nassiripour Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for LRNT523 Foundations of Learning and Technologies Master of Arts in Learning and Technology Program School of Education… Continue Reading →

Activity 6 – The Medium is the Modality (by Earl, Jeff, Lisa, Sharon & Susan)

Richard E. Clark (1994) argued that there is little to no evidence that media influences learning. Robert Kozma (1994) also offers evidence that media has not played a substantial role in learning, although he leaves the door open to arguing… Continue Reading →

Activity 5 – An Abundance of Apple Pie Recipes and Tutorials by Sanjay & Susan

For this activity, we partnered with a colleague with the goal of exploring the implications of abundant content for lifelong learning. Our task was to identify a topic that we were both unfamiliar with and wanted to know more about…. Continue Reading →

Activity 4 – Theoretical and Pedagogical Stance

Instructional design is defined as creating, evolving, and conveying knowledge and experiences to learners in a way that inspires while reaching learning objectives (Wikipedia, 2019). This week our two readings plunge into theories and principles in instructional design. Ertmer &… Continue Reading →

Activity 3 – How EdTech has changed

In the articles I’ve read this week, Reiser (2001) and Weller (2018) talk about how technology has changed in education. Reiser discusses the history of technology in education in the United States and Weller highlights steps in educational technology over… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1 – The Flipped Classroom

Most people in education nowadays have heard of the flipped classroom, but you may not know who came up with the idea. I’d like to introduce Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams to you. These two men were just regular chemistry… Continue Reading →

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