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month April 2019

My plan to support the cultivation of my digital presence and digital identity throughout the MALAT program

Overall goal and purpose: My overall goal and purpose throughout the MALAT program is to get used to living outside of my comfort zone. This will enable me to be consistently learning whether from my instructors, other online presences, professionals… Continue Reading →

Visitor-Resident Typology: Mapping My Use of Technology

  Mapping my use of technology was a very interesting exercise for me as it made me realize a few things. I am not at all a private person in real life, but I definitely am online. I like the… Continue Reading →

Unit 1 Activity 3 – Virtual Symposium Reflective Blog Post

It’s challenging to recap all of the content that I learned this week in such a condensed way, but what an amazing week of learning opportunities it has been! From all the acronyms I learned such as OPM, SME, OER,… Continue Reading →

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