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month September 2019

The Implications of Abundant Content

– A Joint Posting by Shah & Einarson Bookbinding is a specialized trade that relies on basic operations of measuring, cutting, and gluing. The craft of bookbinding probably originated in India, where religious texts were copied on to palm leaves… Continue Reading →

Behaviorism: it depends

A case for Behaviorism I worked in Adult Basic Education (ABE) prior to my current position. Within my basic education classes there was a wide range of literacy and numeracy competencies, and it was sometimes challenging to find common levels… Continue Reading →

Bruce Buffalo’s on the Rooftop

I’m a First Nations person and a technology instructor, and I work in First Nations technology skills development. I made a conscious choice to work within this field, and I admire other First Nations people who also work toward closing… Continue Reading →

Education Technology’s lessons of the past

Skills from the past Blogs are what Weller (2018) points to as one of the remnants of past movements in education technology that are still relevant and widely utilized today. Weller (2018) points out – as a parenthetic aside –… Continue Reading →

A preliminary research post on Educational Technology

Searching out educational technology on the web quickly leads to further searches that lead away from the trunk of education technology to offshoots of digital learning solutions, learning tools, interactive experiences, learning theories, pedagogical approaches, massive online courses, learning management… Continue Reading →

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