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Emotions in Reflective Practice

Boud, Keogh, and Walker’s (1985) model of reflection invites a view of reflective practice that is grounded in our emotions. I’ve taken this model as a beginning format in order to enable myself to reflect back on the work that… Continue Reading →

A Critical Academic Reflection on Advanced Ed Tech

Educational Technology can be a difficult term to define. In my classes presentations many examples of Ed Tech were explored and commented on by the presenting group. Many of the Ed Tech examples that were used to illustrate the wide… Continue Reading →

Ready or Not

Change within organizations can be difficult and complicated; the mechanisms that need to mesh together and work in concert in order to create change are wide and varied. It’s helpful to create organizational groupings of all these individual mechanisms in… Continue Reading →

The Medium is the Modality Joint Posting

A Joint posting by Lisa Gedak, Sharon Ambata-Villanueva, Jeff Goodes, Earl Einarson, and Susan Nassiripour. Richard E. Clark (1994) argued that there is little to no evidence that media influences learning. Robert Kozma (1994) also offers evidence that media has… Continue Reading →

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