Conceptual map: My technology use as it pertains to the resident-visitor typology


The conceptual map includes icons representing only those areas I have visited in the last month. It is a continuum both horizontally and vertically. The left side (visitors) represents where I use the web as a tool and simply visit to get information; whereas the right side (residents) is where I live out a portion of my life and leave a trace of myself behind. The larger the icon, the more time spent in that area. There have been a few new places that I frequent quite regularly (What’s App and Slack) and some I have not (Twitter). Facebook’s location is the only surprise as I now use it for connecting with colleagues as well as friends and family. I initially signed up for Facebook years ago because I could follow my children’s extracurricular activity information; however, it has grown into my largest social network.

I often think about reducing my personal and work online use. For years, I sampled various web applications, both in my home at work. Some places I have visited once or twice; others I have completely forgotten about after the original sign-in. Do I need all those digital footprints left behind? Should I attempt to close those areas of my life? Perhaps I may downsize to a few favourite places. I look forward to revising this map as I continue in the MALAT program.

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  1. I can relate to being pulled into the Facebook realm by being a watchful parent, and then staying as a resident! It is so hard to separate from the connections (and perceived connections) we have on these platforms. Thanks for posting! Lisa

  2. I appreciated your reflection on digital footprints. We do leave a lot behind, often unintentionally. I wonder how many footprints there would be if we could see them all (even the ones we forgot about) on a map like this?

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