Two pathways to the WORLD

There was a time when humans were only born into the physical world and we marked this date with a birthday. The physical world is limited by geography and therefore our connections are limited. But in the modern world, humans choose to have a second birth into a digital world. The exact digital birth may or may not happen and also varies for each individual. Nonetheless, a birth into the digital world is limitless and often has no boundaries. “It is not unreasonable to [think that soon] every human on the planet may be able to connect with nearly every other [human] in order to share information, knowledge, and ideas in a myriad of ways, virtually instantaneously” (Anderson & Dron, p. 2). I am slow in developing my digital connections. It is overwhelming for my brain to connect with so many people online and maintain my offline connections. Perhaps if I creep slowly, I will eventually adapt to the new digital environment and find ways to survive in both worlds.

The visual of my own network that identifies where and how I am situated has two parts: the digital world (left side) and the physical world (right side); the pathways within the two parts eventually lead to the WORLD. Even though my digital footprint is small relative to other graduate students’ pathways, the number of digital pathways to the WORLD is greater than the number of pathways that exist in my physical world. Perhaps the quest for a successful and fulfilling life involves increasing the number of digital pathways rather than existing solely in the limited physical world. I will keep this in mind as I attempt to increase my digital footprint in the next few years.


Anderson, T., & Dron, J. (2014). Teaching Crowds: Learning and Social Media.

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