Team 4 Presentation: Implementing a Community of Inquiry using Discord

  Team 4 is Jean-Pierre Joubert, Christopher Rowe, Vanessa Tran and Eric Yu. Over the past number of weeks, Team 4 has investigated developing a Community of Inquiry, or CoI (CoI framework, n.d.) using Discord (Your place to talk, n.d.). Specifically, we reviewed Konstantinou and Epps’ report regarding their implementation of Discord to develop a […]

The Perils of Data in Education

Discord, User Rights and Data Use in Education Data collection is everywhere. With web development we would set up Google Analytics to track web traffic based on search criteria, advertising and MailChimp marketing emails. In the call centre, user data was similarly collected for our clients, while employee data was used to improve efficiency and […]

Leadership and Change

Final Reflections Over the past few weeks we have reviewed a number of concepts regarding leadership and change. Looking back at my first blog post for this course (Joubert, 2021a), however, I don’t believe that my view regarding leadership traits has changed. In general, I still struggle to see the value in concepts that venerate […]

Assignment 2: The Accessibility Awareness Toolkit

As Assignment 2 for Leading Change in Digital Learning, Eric Yu, Shelley Dugan, and Vanessa Tran and I are excited to release The Accessibility Awareness Toolkit under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Should you have any questions, feel free to post them below!

Unit 3 Activity 2 – Leading Projects

In late 2019 I was privileged to work on a project with Optimum HR, a local Human Resources group providing job training within our community. Having lost my job at the time, I had received training from them on my own job search, training that included an in-class game called The Strategy Game. In The […]

Gaps and Change: Beginning to Map a Way Forward

Unit 2 – Activity 1: Managing Change for Learning in Digital Environments As someone who enjoys identifying and resolving various “gaps”, I have been fortunate in being able to expand many of my past roles to introduce training aspects where none existed. While reviewing the theories and models for change, I have found it difficult […]

Activity 3: Leadership Reflections

Having managed various education, programming and building automation projects in the past, working through the readings over the past two weeks has been interesting. Based on the readings it appears that both my past leadership training, as well as my negative experiences with a number of leaders, have in some part been tied to leadership […]

Examining Your Design Practice

As depicted above, in any particular project there are a number of roles/hats that I will typically play, as well as a number of skills, or “superpowers” and tools that are employed. While a number of tools (i.e. Microsoft Office, Teams/Zoom, Google Docs)  and skills (i.e. Problem-Solving) tend to be used in all roles, typically […]

Which ‘Which’ is Which?

Reflections on Instructional Design Model Selection In my journey into instructional design, I have noticed Instructional Designers often referring to ADDIE, an acronym combining Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (“ADDIE Model,” 2019; Dousay, 2017, p. 3), as a key design model. With a background in web development and programming spheres, tight timelines are the […]