Pinpoint the Media Debate in Current Events

Pinpoint the Media Debate in Current Events Written by Jonathan Carpenter and Jean-Pierre Joubert Introduction To investigate whether the media debate in educational technology (EdTech) is relevant to the review of modern EdTech products, we explore two articles depicting their respective technologies as significant to the evolution of education and learning. This debate is embodied […]

Assignment 1: People in the Field

Frances Bell In reviewing contributions of women in educational technology, I was thinking about Weller writing in his introduction to 25 Years of Ed Tech about the “historical amnesia of Ed Tech” (2020), something that is echoed by Watters in her blog post (2014). With this in mind, I was struck by Frances Bell, a […]

Social Media and Blogging

Societal Relevance of Ed Tech (Chapters 9-18 of 25 Years of Ed Tech) Media, in general, is a medium of consumption and, while there are aspects of it that I do enjoy (connecting with friends on Facebook), it seems that the Social Media climate has become extremely explosive of late, Twitter especially. Aspects of trolling, […]

The “First Few Years” of EdTech? (1994-2001)

Initial Thoughts on Chapters 1-8 of 25 Years of Ed Tech It’s been really interesting reading Weller’s 25 Years of Ed Tech. While I shared many of the earlier experiences (BBS, IRC and AOL’s horrible experience (and their “coasters“), teaching myself HTML in ’95-’96, using Encarta and watching it’s replacement by Wikipedia) some of these […]

Thoughts on Open Education and Open Education Resources

Reflections on Clint Lalonde’s Virtual Symposium Presentation Having blogged about it before for LRNT521, it was good to watch Clint Lalonde’s talk on Open Education and Open Educational Resources. I know that it is one thing I have enjoyed about this particular program, the openness of the resources. (Not least of which not having to […]

Journaling about Onions and Elephants

Reflections on George Veletsianos’ Q&A In reviewing the Q&A session with George Veletsianos, a number of things stood out to me, namely how to keep and use a journal regarding the research, as well as how to tie existing research to your area of interest. With regard to the first item, I’ve already been using […]

Reflections on Assignment 2

Creating an eLearning Group Project One thing that I have really enjoyed with this latest class, LRNT522 Introduction to Research: Critical Reading and Writing, was working with fellow students on Assignment 2 to review theoretical frameworks. The assignment included creating an annotated bibliography and a presentation regarding three learning theories, our assigned theories being Adult […]

What Makes a Good Research Question?

What Makes a Good Research Question? When researching what makes a good research question, it struck me that it may be worth looking at bad research questions, as well, which led me to the University of Maryland’s library website. While they note some differences between both good and bad research questions, one item that stood […]

Reflections on Digital Presence

Unit 5 – Activity 1 – Reflections on Digital Presence “In Unit 2 you created a plan to cultivate your digital presence and identity. It’s now time to review that plan and reflect on it. Take some time to reflect on these prompts and then respond to these prompts (and share any other reflections that […]

Teaching 21st Century Skills in 20th Century Schools

Teaching 21st Century Skills in 20th Century Schools by Jean-Pierre Joubert and Denys Koval In discussing how digital learning impacted teaching 21st Century skills in 20th Century schools, we first need to define 20th Century Schools. While the original source website seems to be business-focused, 21st Century Schools’ breakdown  (21st Century Schools, n.d.) does seem […]