Indigenous Pedagogy and Research

In performing this research, one of the things I have found most interesting has been that of Indigenous experiences with telemental health and Indigenous pedagogy. While I found available research on these topics to be rather limited in regard to Indigenous perspectives, I was able to find a few gems. One such gem was by […]

Challenges with Interview Transcription

Having completed Assignment 4, I’ve been working on revising the final paper to ensure the content has the correct tense, as well as conducting and transcribing interviews conducted and recorded using Zoom. Transcribing has been challenging, not because the act of listening and writing down difficult (though it is time consuming). Rather, the challenge has […]

Assignment 4: Discussing Design Decisions – Second Decision

When looking at the same document for weeks on end, it’s easy to start to miss ways in which others might perceive or understand what is written. Feedback, then, is an excellent way to gauge the reception of others, allowing for changes to the written work by adding perspectives. In my speaking with one of […]

Assignment 4 – Discussing Design Decisions: First Decision

Having discussed in my previous post dissemination possibilities for my final project (Joubert, 2021), a quality assessment tool for online mental health courses, the past two weeks I have been spent working on the transition between the proposal stage to the project stage. The current aim for the project is to review aspects of course […]

Dissemination of My Final Project

Dissemination is a strange thing for me. On the one hand, I’ve never been great at “tooting my own horn” as it were, so it’s not really been the most foremost thought when thinking about my research and the project that will come out of it (an assessment tool for online mental health course creation/evaluation). […]

Activity 9-1

Reflections on Digital Facilitation Reflecting back on my initial post about Community of Inquiry (CoI) after having spent some time the past several weeks as both facilitator and as a student, I believe that the initial post still holds true even after these experiences, particularly those observations regarding using CoI within mental health and addictions […]

Assignment 1: Community of Inquiry within Online Mental Health Courses

Community of Inquiry (CoI) is a complex organism, something that is difficult to nail down in a short space. Given that learners in the mental health (as well as addictions) have complex and sensitive personal issues, there may be a hesitancy in providing an interactive online learning community due to the internet being seen as […]

Activity 1-4

3-2-1 Blog Post Below you will find a number of items written in response to some prompts on Activity 1-4 for LRNT528, namely: three initial thoughts/ideas/feelings on digital facilitation, two questions I have about it, and one metaphor/simile about it. 3 Thoughts/Ideas/Feelings Uncertainty: Having been out of facilitation for years, and my previous experience in […]

Completing a Course Design for LRNT527

Important Links For Assignment 4 in LRNT527, I have created a course regarding overcoming analysis paralysis. If you’d like to jump straight into looking at what the problem was, how I designed it, and see the final resources the TL;DR version is here: Problem of Practice Video Design Note The Overcoming Analysis Paralysis Course Learner […]

Unit 3, Activity 1: Reflection

In reflecting on my experience in LRNT527 so far, I am reminded that I have held a number of roles throughout the course, the obvious one being student, but also that of colleague during our group project and Instructional Designer. As a result of the variety of tasks, this process has been both comfortable and […]