My Digital Footprint

Note. This diagram illustrates my general use of digital technology, categorized into four quadrants. The X-axis represents the digital platforms I most frequently use that either leave accessible or visible evidence of my presence (e.g., Resident) or do not leave accessible or visible evidence of my presence (e.g., Visitor). The Y-axis reflects whether my digital technology use is for personal use only or motivated by an institutional cause, like work or school.

This week, I am tasked with exploring my current use of digital technology. My goal is to identify my existing digital footprint – how I use digital technology and how my digital presence associates with the digital world around me – as a preparatory exercise in establishing my unique digital brand as an educational technologist and soon-to-be graduate of the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology program at Royal Roads University. After reviewing my conceptual map, a method inspired by Dave White (2013), one key theme emerged that reveals valuable insight into how I might approach creating a new digital presence as an EdTech authority brand.

My use of social media is limited to non-existent. Why? No aspect of my personality prefers to project myself, what I am doing, or my personal beliefs onto the world through social media, which will likely never change. I am very much private regarding my personal life and view of the world. With that said, I do like blogging and intend to continue to blog to build my digital brand. Now I know that blogging is technically a use of social media, but if I expect future blog posts to attract attention, I will need to backlink my work to other sites and platforms to gain readership. Accordingly, I will need to consider which social media platforms to use to help boost my digital and social presence to gain followers.

Apart from my need to incorporate social media platforms into my digital presence plan, my digital presence map does not reveal a whole lot. I use plenty of digital tools for both personal and work purposes, some of which, like Google Drive or the Microsoft Office Suite, allow me to share my work with collaborators. In fact, most of the digital tools I use provide a share function. I really think this whole digital presence concept is a matter of what you aim to do as both a consumer and producer of digital products. Prior to now, I had no intention of blogging or needing to get my writing into the community, so I remained private and largely off-grid. Today, I understand I will likely incorporate various forms of social media to spread my brand. Still, to what extent will this be an extension of my personality? I have no idea, so I will find out with time.

If I were to do this digital mapping exercise again, I would likely use an alternative comparison scheme after completing this initial phase. Using more specific points of comparison based on my initial findings would probably dig up more and more insight I could use in my plan to establish a new digital presence, like an iterative ideation process.


White, D. (2013, September 13). Just the mapping [Video]. YouTube.

3 thoughts on “My Digital Footprint

  1. Great post Jonathan. I feel similarly about social media as you do. I’m do have profiles on most of the major platforms but only post extremely rarely. I find that it never even occurs to me to post. Not that I wouldn’t necessarily, it’s just never top of mind.

    But, like you, I intend to continue blogging post graduation and will have to use these tools to promote that platform. How do you think you’ll about that? Will it be a chore, or do you think you’ll enjoy spreading the good word of your undoubtedly brilliant content?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Christopher.

      I think I’ll enjoy blogging once I find my focus area. I’m planning to focus my blog on instructional design for multimedia learning. I found many of my RRU posts are all over the place, but now that I know what I actually enjoy, I think taking a focused approach and further exploring my passions will be quite enjoyable.

  2. First – I love that footprint graphic!

    I had similar thoughts regarding the need to use an alternative analysis tool for further insight on my own digital identity and presence. One dimension I’ve been considering is perceived competency–or perhaps simply confidence–with both technologies and various forms of communication.

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