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When I read the outline of this assignment, I immediately thought to myself “well I don’t have experience in instructional design so I don’t think I have any tools in my toolkit.” Thankfully, upon doing the readings and reflecting on what a “tool” is, I have many at my disposal.

As a teacher, you need to have many “tools” at your disposal at any given time in order to create lessons, instruct, pivot, provide feedback, collaborate with your colleagues, etc.  I’m sure there are so many instances where “tools” I use have become so reflexive that I don’t even consider them tools anymore.  There are many factors that may influence what tool you use, some of which include context, desired outcome, need, availability, time, etc. 

In my design practice, I identified Brave, Resilient, Organized, Empathetic as my superpowers. 

Brave: I believe you have to be brave to be innovative, tackle design and instructional challenges, and try new things. 

Resilient: Things don’t always go as planned, and I know I can bounce back when things do wrong. 

Flexible: I can adapt to changing situations and needs. 

Organized: Being organized brings me joy. 

Empathetic: I always put the needs of my students first. 

 I put the note *in progress* at the top of my graphic because I am sure I forgot some, and know that I am always evolving and learning so will be adding to this list. 

One thought on “Design Toolkit”

  1. Hi Kate,

    I love your infographic. It’s super attractive and easy to read.

    I really identify with what you wrote about becoming so comfortable with your tools that you begin to ignore them. I think most people do this. I’ve worked with lots of people (myself included) who don’t attribute the appropriate level of value to what they bring to the table. I think it’s easier to identify these strengths in others than it is for ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing!

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