Digital Presence & Identity

My digital presence will focus mainly of the WordPress site that I have developed through the MALAT program at Royal Roads. I will move to use some social media online apps and virtual tools, however it will be at a minimum. My life as a visitor will continue as such, but I will increase my presence as a resident a bit more. The central goal is around the theory and studies I will experience through this program.

2 thoughts on “Digital Presence & Identity

  1. Hi Darin,
    Very cool graphic! I’m happy to see someone else who is primarily focused on the WordPress site at the moment – though I expect we will soon be branching out.
    P.S. Love your blog design! Did you take the photographs?

    1. Terra,
      Thank you for the compliment. Yes, all photographs are ©Darin Faber 2017.

      I also find the blog somewhat cathartic.

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