Visitor and Resident

The focus of my life on the web revolves around my institution of teaching.  Most of my social ‘place’ lives in this realm.  I had much more of a resident presence during the dawn of the web from the late 1990s up until the mid 2000s.  However as I wanted to focus my attention on teaching, curriculum development and the coordination of a college program, I let go of my ‘place’.  I found that information was becoming too thin and my workload too heavy.  I now am a visitor that uses tools on the internet, but does not leave a digital footprint.  It is now up to the graduates of our program to become the residents.

4 thoughts on “Visitor and Resident

  1. I didn’t think of adding any LMS. That would be an interesting one to look at quantitative research on.

    1. Mary,
      We have to step way back to the proverbial 30,000 feet up and look where we touch the online world from every aspect. There are now household appliances that represent our presence online. Learning management systems, such as Canvas or Blackboard are now part of our resident persona online.

  2. Hi Darin. Now that you’ve made the conscious decision to be more of a “visitor” since the mid-2000’s. Do you see your usage in the visitor realm changing much since then? For example: eBay. Does the graph above show where you hang your hat there now? Or does it reflect the change in your visitor patterns? Are you there more, less or nearly the same as before?

    Cheers man and the blog is looking great!


    1. Gavin,
      I think this is a very fluid chart and changes on a daily basis. I am even now reflecting on this idea of making more use of social media, however for educational purposes only. I still see myself more of a visitor for now, with not leaving any footprints, but that may change with time.

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