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month February 2018

LRNT525 – Assignment 2 – External Scan

Assignment 2 of the course LRNT525 – Leading Change in Digital Learning asked students to focus on how planning, communication, and leadership are utilized when an organization implements change and provide a visual diagram along with a textual synthesis explaining how… Continue Reading →

LRNT525 – Unit 2, Activity 1: Managing Change for Learning in Digital Environments

We live in a time when organizations, regardless of industry, are in a constant state of flux which requires adapting to shifting environments (Nastase et al, 2012) yet the foundations for change management theories and models have remained virtually the… Continue Reading →

LRNT525 – Personal Leadership

Assignment 1 of the course LRNT525 – Leading Change in Digital Learning challenged each of us in the class to reflect on our personal leadership perspectives and outline in a blog post what we think are the most important attributes… Continue Reading →

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