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LRNT622 – Unit 3, Activity 1 – Theoretical Framework

My planned research paper will focus on answering the following research question: How might technology be used to ensure that mandatory, government regulated certification is achieved for volunteer firefighters who live in remote Ontario communities? There are currently two theoretical… Continue Reading →

LRNT622 – Activity 2 – Disseminating Research

Activity 2 of the LRTN622 – Advanced Research course at Royal Roads asked students to reflect on how they will disseminate their final research paper/project. I found this task interesting as I had not considered the aspect of dissemination because… Continue Reading →

LRNT 528 – Week 8a – Activity 3

I used to think that VR was tailored to the gaming world and was a niche product with limited shelf life. Now, I think that VR is getting to the point where it is gaining in recognition to be used… Continue Reading →

LRNT 528 – Assignment 1 – Effective Online Facilitation

  Please click this link for Infographic. The above infographic outlines five strategies that are key for an online instructor to know in order to be an effective facilitator. These five strategies are broken down further and are in no… Continue Reading →

LRNT527 – Unit 2, Activity 3 – Developing a Design Plan

Description: The purpose of the planned digital resource will be two-fold: To replace the current text-heavy, paper-based resource used by a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) to deliver training to new Help Desk representatives. To be utilized as an emulator… Continue Reading →

LRNT527 – Unit 2, Activity 2 – Selecting Promising Ideas.

The current method of training and onboarding of new Helpdesk hires at a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) consists of handing the employee a large binder filled with documents that explain the services offered, what steps are taken to troubleshoot… Continue Reading →

LRNT527 – Unit 1, Activity 4 – Define Method

After utilizing Interviews and a Journey Map to complete the empathy stage of the design thinking process, my next step was to synthesize and define the data that I gathered. IDEO’s Design Kit (2015) and Stanford’s Bootleg Bootcamp (2016) provide… Continue Reading →

LRNT527 – Unit 1, Activity 3 – Empathy Methods

The main assignment for LRNT527 – Creating Digital Resources tasks students to build a digital learning resource of personal significance and relevance related to any combination of the following: learning, technology, design, and innovation. To begin this process, students were asked… Continue Reading →

LRNT 526 – Unit 1 Activity 3 – Choices, Choices, Choices.

The main assignment for LRNT526 – Inquiry into Contemporary Issues in Learning Technologies at Royal Roads University is split into four parts and is a combination of individual and team-based work. The team that I am working with, The DeeGees,… Continue Reading →

LRNT525 – Team Assignment – The Implementation Game

I had the honour of working with three talented members from my cohort on a toolkit for leading the implementation of digital technologies. Please visit this link to Darin’s blog which contains both the written and video portion of the… Continue Reading →

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