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LRNT527 – Unit 2, Activity 3 – Developing a Design Plan

Description: The purpose of the planned digital resource will be two-fold: To replace the current text-heavy, paper-based resource used by a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) to deliver training to new Help Desk representatives. To be utilized as an emulator… Continue Reading →

LRNT527 – Unit 1, Activity 4 – Define Method

After utilizing Interviews and a Journey Map to complete the empathy stage of the design thinking process, my next step was to synthesize and define the data that I gathered. IDEO’s Design Kit (2015) and Stanford’s Bootleg Bootcamp (2016) provide… Continue Reading →

LRNT527 – Unit 1, Activity 3 – Empathy Methods

The main assignment for LRNT527 – Creating Digital Resources tasks students to build a digital learning resource of personal significance and relevance related to any combination of the following: learning, technology, design, and innovation. To begin this process, students were asked… Continue Reading →

LRNT 524 – Design Thinking Process (Part A)

Please follow this hyperlink to our (Amber & Gavin) blogpost on the Design Thinking Process. Enjoy!

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