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Presenting Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is a world-respected industry analyst focused on corporate HR, Learning, talent management, leadership development, and HR technology. He is the founder of Bersin & Associates, which was sold to Deloitte and is now known as Bersin by Deloitte…. Continue Reading →

Importance of Media in Learning: Evolving debate Kozma vs Clark

Authored by: Dino Hatzigeorgiou, Sue Hawkins, Tanya Heck, Melem Sharpe, Physaun Wilkes The great media debate between Richard Clark and Robert Kozma was sparked by an article written in 1983 by Clark on “Reconsidering Research on Learning from Media.” The… Continue Reading →

The role of the military in the development of educational technology

This post is focused on the role of the military in the development of educational technology with an emphasis on the origins of the field of performance-based training, the methodologies and the ISD models used. The spreadsheet provided in the link… Continue Reading →

Pedagogy of abundance: Basket Weaving 101

Authors: Anita Fahrenbruch, Constantinos Hatzigeorgiou (Dino) and Joyce Wimmer We wanted to test the internet on its capability to produce usable learning content on a subject neither of us had any knowledge about. We ended up choosing basket weaving as… Continue Reading →

Learning Theories: taking position.

Unit 2, activity 4 asked me to read the Ertmer & Newby and Merill articles, reflect on how these readings apply in my own work, and align with one of the learning theories (cognitivism, behaviourism, constructivism) by explaining why. First,… Continue Reading →

Instructional media: work in progress

In their articles, Reiser (2001) and Weller (2018) provide a synopsis of the history of instructional media within the field of learning. However, as opposed to Weller who focuses purely in the evolution of educational technology (EdTech) in the last… Continue Reading →

History of Contemporary Training & Development: a 1950s to late 2000s timeline

After reading Raiser, Weller and Watters (2014) about the history of instructional design and educational technology, I thought I’d provide a historical timeline on how I believe companies have adopted learning systems and media, also referred to as technologies (Reiser, 2001), to… Continue Reading →

Educational Technology and its History

The term educational technology is broad in terms of meaning and scope. Relating educational technology with digital learning would narrow down its scope and would not take into consideration the field’s rich history leading up to its significant reformation in… Continue Reading →

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