Josh Bersin is a world-respected industry analyst focused on corporate HR, Learning, talent management, leadership development, and HR technology. He is the founder of Bersin & Associates, which was sold to Deloitte and is now known as Bersin by Deloitte. He’s widely known in the training and HR marketplaces as a pragmatic expert on best-practices in all areas of training, talent management, leadership, recruiting and HR.

I became familiar with Josh’s work a few years ago in my quest to identify what is the role of learning in the workplace, how can Learning & Development (L&D) impact a company’s bottom line, and what is the skillset L&D leaders should possess to face the workplace learning challenges brought forward by today’s digital learning disruption. More specifically, Bersin completed in 2012 a multi-year research, which uncovered a High-Impact Learning Organization (HILO) model. As most people know, training is a complex operation and requires many critical skills and capabilities. With most companies now globalizing their activities, research shows that it can be very difficult to stay well-aligned with business’s needs around the world.

Moreover, over the last twenty years, the L&D industry has absorbed tremendous amounts of new technology (e-learning, video, simulations, mobile learning, SME-authored content, rapid development tools), resulting in a training department which now awash in content. Josh research attempts to identify the key to success for the L&D function which is no longer simply developing great content, but rather arranging it and delivering it with a focus on “continuous capability development” and user experience.

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