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Leading Change: External Scan

Would an organization be able to survive without adapting to the ever-changing business environment as we know it today? For example, technological advancements triggered change across corporate training departments urging them to digitalize learning offerings. To guide successful change, Biech… Continue Reading →

Role of leadership in managing change

In his Forbes article, Lipman (2013) revealed some interesting insights about change management and leadership. Although 55% of leaders felt the changes met the objectives, change management initiatives over the long term were successful only 25% of the time. More… Continue Reading →

Reflection: Personal leadership approaches and digital learning

For this assignment I was asked to describe my approach to leadership, the leadership theories pertinent to leading change in digital learning and whether my leadership approach was impacted by the introduction of digital technologies. I will also discuss, according… Continue Reading →

Design Thinking within an ISD Model

Discussing with an industry well-respected professor of educational technology at a top Canadian university and Fellow at the Institute for Performance and Learning (I4PL), I asked him where would he position Design Thinking (aka d.Design process) within the I4PL Canada’s training… Continue Reading →

Design Thinking: A first kick of the can

Unit 1 of the LRNT 524 course introduced me to the Stanford Design Thinking process. It is considered a contemporary (generic) approach for designing through problem finding and design thinking mindset. Design thinking is a human-centered process that allows us… Continue Reading →

Kate & Dino: Our Design Challenge

Kate designs global experiential learning cohorts for undergraduate programs. Dino leads learning and design efforts for pilot training at a Canadian airline. Despite having disparate contexts both are seeking blended learning strategies to increase, the utility, accessibility and engagement in… Continue Reading →

U1(A1). ADDIE: It is what you make it

Since the focus of this week’s activities is designing learning, it is important to distinguish learning design from instructional design. George Veletsianos in LRNT 523 commented in one of my assignments that “learning is not something to design, but it… Continue Reading →

Presenting Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is a world-respected industry analyst focused on corporate HR, Learning, talent management, leadership development, and HR technology. He is the founder of Bersin & Associates, which was sold to Deloitte and is now known as Bersin by Deloitte…. Continue Reading →

Importance of Media in Learning: Evolving debate Kozma vs Clark

Authored by: Dino Hatzigeorgiou, Sue Hawkins, Tanya Heck, Melem Sharpe, Physaun Wilkes The great media debate between Richard Clark and Robert Kozma was sparked by an article written in 1983 by Clark on “Reconsidering Research on Learning from Media.” The… Continue Reading →

The role of the military in the development of educational technology

This post is focused on the role of the military in the development of educational technology with an emphasis on the origins of the field of performance-based training, the methodologies and the ISD models used. The spreadsheet provided in the link… Continue Reading →

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