3… 2… 1… Go!

3 thoughts about digital facilitation:

    • We are all online a lot. Our digital designs should fit into the way our learners already use technology.
    • Technology brings people together, but it can also separate them. We must work to build person-to-person connection within our digital environments.
    • During this pandemic, we have learned a lot about the way we work and interact with each other. We have realized that a lot of the way that we did things, we did out of habit not necessity. We should look at digital learning the same way. Do we need this element or are we doing it out of habit?

2 questions about digital facilitation:

  • How can we make digital facilitation more personal?
  • Do our learning environments welcome learners or present barriers?

1 metaphor about digital facilitation:

  • Our digital environments should be as creative and stimulating as this:

(Photo: Jarvis Holliday)

One thought on “3… 2… 1… Go!

  1. I found your post very interesting, as you pointed out things I had not thought of. Being online is an interesting thing and we really are on so much more than we used to be. Recently a friend told me that she puts on the TV while online so she doesn’t feel lonely and I have colleagues reaching out expressing their happiness to come back from summer break to interact and engage with others. You pose fantastic questions Jeff, I feel that making learning environments more personal depends on both the individual and facilitators willingness to adapt, grow and engage. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone which puts added pressure on the facilitator to use multiple tools and variety of instruction.
    Did you have a digital design in mind that can fit into ways that the current learner uses technology?
    I couldn’t agree more with your image – let’s go a step further and most working environments should at least have a room like this for collaboration, reflection and creative thinking.
    – Kerry

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