Thoughts on Research by Dr. George Veletsianos

One statement that stood out for me from Dr. Veletsianos’ was in regards to ethics allowing certain behaviour while the research is being conducted and then there is a change making that same behaviour unethical.  He addresses this by saying that it is best to be current with the best practices in ethics and attempt to do a bit better than the guidelines state (personal communication, August 16, 2019).  This stood out for me because an important part of research is to do no harm.  As researchers, we cannot rely purely on today’s standards, we need to be able to think ahead to ensure we are doing no harm to those involved in our study.  This idea flowed nicely into Dr. Veletsianos’ discussion on biases.  He pointed out that a benefit of working with a research team is that each person can help bring awareness to biases within the team.  Biases will always be present, but it is important to be aware of them so they do not affect the participants or the research (personal communication, August 16, 2019).  This made me think of how I can be mindful of my biases allowing me to have practices in place to not have them affect my work and help others do the same.  I believe this is always be an ongoing process since biases change over time.



Veletsianos, G. (2019). Questions about Research for George Veletsiano [Audio recording]. Retrieved from

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