Further thoughts about Digital Practices Mapping

Going through the Visitor/Resident (White, 2013) mapping process allowed me to see how much of my work happens online.Through ongoing planning and reasonably consistent effort, I’ve built a virtual workplace for myself. Looking at the same information in the context of different tension pairs – collaborative/individual, analogue/digital (Cormier, 2018) – shifted my understanding yet again.

The main areas in which my practices would fall are in analogue/individual, digital/individual and collaborative/digital.

The analogue/individual piece is not a big surprise, really. I work as an illustrator and graphic recorder, both of which generally are done solo, even when in a room full of people.

The digital/individual piece reflects most of my digital illustration, film making, writing work, personal business blog and website, and work that I do in my practice as an instructor.

The digital/collaborative space has the most in it, as this reflects most of my work with the college, music festival and other projects that I’m involved in. The beauty of digital collaborative space being that it can be asynchronous and is not dependent on geography. Having this as a possible place to work has opened up possibilities in my practice that would never have occurred any other way. The digital realm has allowed for work with people in different areas that I may not have had the opportunity to work with otherwise (for which I’m grateful), people in many different countries and time zones.

Both exercises were valuable in that they helped me understand better where I concentrate efforts in my work world. Both helped me create a framework of how I’d like to shift that digital use over the next two years.


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