Mark’s Technology Use

Visitor-Resident Typology Map Continuum

It was very thought-provoking mapping out how I engage with internet linked technologies. To visually represent where I was on the continuum of the visitor-resident typology map allowed myself to pinpoint whether I was more of a visitor or resident to the world wide web. I am overwhelmingly a visitor or White & Le Cornu (2011) would describe me as a person who “understands the web as akin to an untidy garden shed.” Although stated in a colloquial fashion, their definition describing my technology usage is completely accurate. I often use the web as a tool instead of a link to some type of social presence or in more bolder terms, a digitally social identity. In their previous research, White & Le Cornu (2010) stated a sense of social presence is something those who spend time on social media experience to a high degree, with the effect of foregrounding a broad sense of social identity. The only social media I use somewhat often is Facebook. However, my use of Facebook is primarily a tool as opposed to “a place to express opinions, or a place in which relationships can be formed or extended” (White & Le Cornu, 2011). Overall, the typology map was informative and perhaps makes me beg the question: Am I too much a visitor and not enough a resident?


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