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Digital Facilitation 3-2-1 Part 2

3 Thoughts I have about digital facilitation. Summarizing thoughts and ideas on a platform where learners are asked to engage really helps to propel the conversation. Using technology to create fun activities that don’t necessarily count for marks but still… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1: Community of Inquiry Framework

Click here to access PDF I currently do not teach; however, I based my Community of Inquiry (CoI) strategies on the course I would like to teach in the future. The course, titled Global Citizenship, is delivered in a hybrid… Continue Reading →

Digital Facilitation 3-2-1

3 thoughts I have about digital facilitation. Digital Facilitation isn’t the same as in person facilitation. I feel there has be a higher level of intentionality than in face-to-face learning, in order to create an online environment that encompasses a… Continue Reading →

LRNT527 Reflection

In reflecting on my journey so far through LRNT527, I have found the course to be reaffirming of my values around design, as well as helping me to better navigate and reframe my approach to the design thinking process as… Continue Reading →

LRNT526 Team Blog Post: Initial Summary

Team 2: Initial Summary of Learning Event and Delivery Technology See post here

Reflecting on Digital Equity: Who’s Left Behind?

As a part of the LRNT526 group project, our team has chosen to explore the free education website, Khan Academy, a learning platform that delivers educational content primarily through engaging video modules. The platform has varied topical educational content for… Continue Reading →

Final Reflection for LRNT 525 – Leading Change in Digital Learning

In LRNT525 we have learned about leadership styles, change management models and the basics of project management. Throughout the course, we have had the opportunity to apply these learnings to digital learning environments and more broadly, to multifaceted organizations in… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1: Leadership & Change

View my change model here Change is inevitable, especially in today’s world where technology allows new ideas to be shared quickly and broadly, with rapidly emerging technology. Within this reality, organizations are compelled to implement change not only for advancement,… Continue Reading →

Managing Change

Managing change can be difficult and it takes thoughtful approaches to leadership and planning to effectively execute. For a leader, preparing an organization for change can be a daunting task. Moreover, when considering the various models for change and the… Continue Reading →

What Makes A Good Leader?

Throughout various contexts, leaders are integral in shaping diverse learning and working environments. Leadership can be approached in a variety of ways, which can result in a spectrum of desired or undesired outcomes. Along my journey of both being a… Continue Reading →

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