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Assignment 1: Leadership & Change

View my change model here Change is inevitable, especially in today’s world where technology allows new ideas to be shared quickly and broadly, with rapidly emerging technology. Within this reality, organizations are compelled to implement change not only for advancement,… Continue Reading →

Managing Change

Managing change can be difficult and it takes thoughtful approaches to leadership and planning to effectively execute. For a leader, preparing an organization for change can be a daunting task. Moreover, when considering the various models for change and the… Continue Reading →

What Makes A Good Leader?

Throughout various contexts, leaders are integral in shaping diverse learning and working environments. Leadership can be approached in a variety of ways, which can result in a spectrum of desired or undesired outcomes. Along my journey of both being a… Continue Reading →

Education & Emerging Technologies a Reflection

After reading “Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Identifies Three Key Trends That Organizations Must Track to Gain Competitive Advantage”, I reflected on shifts in technology within education. Education has increasingly incorporated technology, however, transformational shifts in how technology… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Empathic Design

Empathic design takes into consideration and is sensitive to the end user’s feelings, emotions, thoughts and experiences about a product or process of design. This method of designing is a human centered, observational and collaborative approach to design (Mattelmäki, Vaajakallio,… Continue Reading →

Problem-based Learning is a Good Thing

In Merrill (2002) “First Principles of Instruction” the emphasis is placed on problem-centered learning. Merrill (2002) states that “Many current instructional models suggest that the most effective learning products or environments are those that are problem-centered” (p. 44). This problem-centered… Continue Reading →

Part A-Design Thinking Assignment: A Tool for Teacher Collaboration

By: Sanjay Pottinger & Susan Nassiripour Context & Challenge Sanjay is an Advisor at a college and Susan works as a teacher trainer at a language school. We are seeking to encourage new teachers, who are students in an orientation,… Continue Reading →

Screen Time: Myths & hype

Etchells and colleagues wrote an editorial in response to a call for more policy limiting screen time for children. Individuals concerned about the lack of government oversight restricting screen time, contended that more screen time resulted in physical and mental… Continue Reading →

Assignment 2: Technology’s Impact on Students with Disabilities

Inclusion in learning environments of students with disabilities, has historically been an issue in the field of education. Though pedagogical approaches to teaching and awareness of inclusive design have gradually improved over time, barriers in the learning environment for people… Continue Reading →

Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography

Click here to see my assignment 2 annotated bibliography spreadsheet exploring the  influence of edtech historically on increasing accessibility for students with disabilities.

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