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month July 2019

Node representation of community

  This image is a graphical node representation of my community. Representing a community by graphing the individual nodes and illustrating the connections between the nodes is attempted here. The individual nodes represent people who are part of my community,… Continue Reading →

On creating, cultivating and reflecting upon my digital identity

Creating a digital identity requires thought, reflection and an understanding of public persona’s and how each post, image, or article written will either build or destroy that identity – or not. Given the ubiquitousness of the web, many people have… Continue Reading →

Resident-Visitor Typology

This is a Resident-Visitor Typology mapping out my current relationship with Social Media. The horizontal axis illustrates a continuum from Visitor to Resident; with the icons further away form the center representing the increasing depth of my relationships; and the… Continue Reading →

Can openness co-exist with profit?

A Personal Academic Blog Post – Unit 1 | Activity 3 – Virtual Symposium Critical Academic Reflective Blog Post   During my time spent in the virtual world of the MALAT Virtual Symposium I was struck by one specific audio… Continue Reading →

What makes a good research question

A good research question begins with interest; the amount of work involved in undertaking the quality and quantity of research that would lead to substantial and change related research findings is immense and requires a high level of dedication from… Continue Reading →

The Beginning

No better place to start than at the beginning. I thank you for your time. This might be unspoken sometimes, but the one resource that we all have in limited supply is time. I recognize there are many other things… Continue Reading →

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