This is a Resident-Visitor Typology mapping out my current relationship with Social Media. The horizontal axis illustrates a continuum from Visitor to Resident; with the icons further away form the center representing the increasing depth of my relationships; and the vertical axis representing my relationships in the continuum of Personal to Institutional relationship. I’ve also used relative size of the icons to show my relationships; the larger icons represent a higher degree of relationship than the smaller.

While constructing this Typology I tried to place icons Рin reference to my relationships to the individual platforms Рby  degree of use, interaction and presence. What I discovered about my use is that although I have a large presence of some platforms, most of that deep presence was as an Institutional user. In fact, my personal presence is rather light. White and Cornu refer to this as one individual inhabiting the web in different depths and roles at different times and that the concept of motivation of the person at that specific time is the most defining aspect (White and Cornu, 2011).



White, David S., & Cornu, Alison Le, (2011). Visitors and Residents: A new typology for online engagement. First Monday, Volume 16, Number 9 -5 September 2011. Retrieved form