Creating a digital identity requires thought, reflection and an understanding of public persona’s and how each post, image, or article written will either build or destroy that identity – or not.

Given the ubiquitousness of the web, many people have a digital identity. How that digital identity has been crafted is a question that many people have wrestled with. Many people may have different levels of engagement with different social networks depending on the purpose of thier use of the web at that particular time. I explore this concept in another post.

My use of this public facing blog is to enable myself to explore how I might present my academic voice to the public. My intention is to try various methodologies and levels of engagement and see which one resounds well with me – that is to say, which level of engagement am I comfortable with and which subject materials reflect that purpose best. There are many ways to approach this, and I wish to remain open to any approach that fits best with my personal levels of privacy and openness. On reflecting back on my Visitor-Resident Typology post – where I mapped out my comfort levels of sharing on social media – I discovered that I have a fairly large Institutional (work related) presence, but my personal bent is toward privacy. I feel that this specific outlet is encapsulated in that Institutional use arena, and I am fairly comfortable sharing my progress.

What I do realize is that this blog’s reach will only grow through uses of other social media channels, and I will endeavour to start to build a presence on several of these channels. I plan to begin to post on Twitter and Instagram in order to bring exposure to this blog. I believe that there is a tide shift from persona’s only inhabiting social media channels back to social media channels being simply exposure to individual channels such as this blog. Blogs, and other individually controlled media channels, are the next (returning) wave, as people turn away from large media channels where they have limited control, back to self-controlled channels of communication.

As I’ve worked in Digital Development for decades, I feel very comfortable with my skill levels of working in and maintaining my own channels. In fact, I wish to build on to this blog – pushing the limits of WordPress and the open source code it relies upon. When I feel that I’ve stretched WordPress to as far as the platform will allow is when I will feel that I’ve accomplished my goals – my goals are to push the boundaries of the platform versus merely raising visitor numbers; the virtual identity is not the primary goal, but the functionality of the platform the identity resides on and the feedback to this academic persona of myself.