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Ready or Not

Change within organizations can be difficult and complicated; the mechanisms that need to mesh together and work in concert in order to create change are wide and varied. It’s helpful to create organizational groupings of all these individual mechanisms in… Continue Reading →

Leadership De-Constructed

I work as the director of a Skills Division in a non-profit that delivers tech sector knowledge to Indigenous Peoples throughout British Columbia. The First Nations Technology Council exists to help First Nations in the province to build technical knowledge… Continue Reading →

Field of Innovation: Renewal and Change

Considering the field of distance learning, Innovation is closed aligned with technological changes. The concept of what is encompassed within the term technology is a larger pool of concepts that what immediately may come to mind. Technology does not only… Continue Reading →

A Gamified Ideation App

Co-authored by Tala Mami and Earl Einarson Hi, Tala and I have posted a concept of our Gamified Ideation App. Please take a moment and read and comment your feedback to us. Thanks for your interest! Earl  

The Problem with Problem-Centered Learning

One of Merrill’s (2002) first principles of instruction is problem-centered learning. In fact, problem-centered learning is positioned as the environment that all of the rest of Merrill’s principles are applied within. The importance placed on the positioning of problem-centered design… Continue Reading →

Screen Time Myths and hype

At various casual and non-casual meetings that I’ve attended the topic of the merits or sequences of children’s screen time has been broached. There is never a lack of opinion nor commitment to these opinions in the parents or non-parents… Continue Reading →

The Medium is the Modality Joint Posting

A Joint posting by Lisa Gedak, Sharon Ambata-Villanueva, Jeff Goodes, Earl Einarson, and Susan Nassiripour. Richard E. Clark (1994) argued that there is little to no evidence that media influences learning. Robert Kozma (1994) also offers evidence that media has… Continue Reading →

The Implications of Abundant Content

– A Joint Posting by Shah & Einarson Bookbinding is a specialized trade that relies on basic operations of measuring, cutting, and gluing. The craft of bookbinding probably originated in India, where religious texts were copied on to palm leaves… Continue Reading →

Behaviorism: it depends

A case for Behaviorism I worked in Adult Basic Education (ABE) prior to my current position. Within my basic education classes there was a wide range of literacy and numeracy competencies, and it was sometimes challenging to find common levels… Continue Reading →

Bruce Buffalo’s on the Rooftop

I’m a First Nations person and a technology instructor, and I work in First Nations technology skills development. I made a conscious choice to work within this field, and I admire other First Nations people who also work toward closing… Continue Reading →

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