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Digital Literacy Skills for Effective Online Facilitation

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash Overview of Facilitation Week (8): The week will encompass an exploration of Digital Literacy Skills for Effective Online Facilitation with a focus on the use of data analytics and “surveillance tools.” We will start… Continue Reading →

Digital Facilitation: Applying a Community of Inquiry Framework

Having spent many years as a K-12 educator, I now work as an Edtech Trainer with a company that provides learning management systems to K-12, Higher Ed, and business sectors. For this assignment, I will focus on incorporating the Community… Continue Reading →

Digital Facilitation – 3-2-1

I have outlined my initial response to this course’s focus on Digital Facilitation in a 3 (Questions) – 2 (Thoughts) – 1 (Simile) format below. I look forward to revisiting these thoughts and questions at the end of our course…. Continue Reading →

Digital Learning Resource

Humans and Technology for K-12 Learning: Combinatorial Creativity This is two-part webinar, aiming to share research and ideas with teachers as they navigate the challenges of trying to meet their students’ learning needs in online, face-to-face, AND hybrid learning environments…. Continue Reading →

Theory-Informed Learning Design

The House Metaphor Research and my personal learning and teaching experiences make it increasingly clear that learning design, specifically incorporating the use educational technology, needs to be informed by a clear choice of learning theory (Anderson, 2016; Bates, 2015; Kay… Continue Reading →

Design Thinking: Mini-Manifesto and Empathy Methods

Photo by Leigh McCarthy

Online Learning and the Digital Divide in Canada

(10 minute read) Myriad social justice issues surround online learning and the digital divide in Canada. This article attempts to identify critical issues that are necessary for Canada to address to overcome the existing digital divide that poses numerous barriers… Continue Reading →

MOOCs – Barriers to Access (Video)

Video: MOOCs – Barriers to Access Group Project: Earl Einarson, Jeff Goodes, Leigh McCarthy, Sue Reid, Marta Samokishyn Photo Attribution – Featured Image – Shane Rounce on Unsplash

What Will it Take to Make MOOCs Better?

Photo by NASA on Unsplash Prior to experiencing one of Coursera’s MOOCs, the ideas that I had surrounding MOOCs were limited, other than to think that they were providing high-quality educational content to many people who might not otherwise have access. I did… Continue Reading →

MOOCs and Barriers to Access: A Critical Inquiry (Team Summary & Infographic)

Photo by Jenna S on Unsplash             Most of us have heard the claims that MOOCs have “democratized” education and learning. In this critical inquiry, we wanted to explore a MOOC through Coursera as a team. The rationale… Continue Reading →

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