Hello, my name is Leigh McCarthy and I am a student in the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology (MALAT) program at Royal Roads University (RRU). I have spent the last 19 years teaching in K-12 classrooms in Japan, Thailand, Qatar, Tanzania, and Canada. I am currently working with an EdTech startup within an educational publisher, sharing a 1:1 digital learning platform in schools across Canada. I continue to teach K-8 students, working to make learning more engaging and authentic every day, through educational technology and outdoor time when possible.

Much of the purpose of this blog is to map my learning throughout the MALAT program, and learn from my awesome colleagues’ blogs at the same time! I welcome your feedback. It’s ALL about learning.

Looking at the digital divide and participation gap… #equity in #education for Ss & Ts #pedagogy shift to leverage value of #edtech.    Twitter @oliwumi