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Addressing Barriers to Access in MOOCs: Critical Inquiry

Earl Einarson, Jeff Goodes, Leigh McCarthy, Sue Reid, Marta Samokishyn   Our team examined Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During Covid-19, a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) delivered by Coursera and created by Steve Joordans, Professor of Psychology at the University… Continue Reading →

Online Learning and the Digital Divide in Canada

Online Learning and the Digital Divide in Canada: Analogous to the Tokyo Subway System or the Toronto Subway System?     When I read Selwyn’s (2010) essay entitled Looking Beyond Learning: Notes Towards the Critical Study of Educational Technology, I… Continue Reading →

Striving to Be a Trusted, Reflective, and Adaptive Digital Leader

    My initial post on leadership in digital learning environments for this course, nine weeks and many readings, conversations, and assignments ago, identified four essential elements of leadership in the digital age: trust, relationship building, forward-thinking, and tolerant of… Continue Reading →

Assignment 2 LRNT 525 Group E: An Empathy Driven Approach to Overcoming Resistance

  Group E, comprised of myself, Lisa Gates, Sandra Kuipers, Mark Regan and Lorne Strachan are happy to present our toolkit for change. Please take a few moments to view the video above (thanks, Mark!) and the linked document below… Continue Reading →

Leading EdTech Projects Through Tame and Wicked Challenges

Note: The name of the digital learning platform Changella, as well as the Canadian educational publisher (CanEdPub) that created Changella, have been changed from their actual names for this blog post. Specific Challenge outlined in the Changella Case Study Changella is… Continue Reading →

Leading Change in K12 Digital Learning Environments

Leading change in K12 digital learning environments is complex, involves numerous stakeholders, and interconnected variables. Some schools or boards have 250 – 247,000 students; therefore, leading change is multi-faceted and requires significant planning and organizational readiness (“Toronto District”, 2014, para.1)…. Continue Reading →

Change Management – Building Digital Learning Environments

Change management is approached through the lenses of theories, strategies or frameworks, models, and then adapted approaches to an organization’s culture (Biech, 2007). The change management theories that best align with my approach to leadership in a K12 digital learning… Continue Reading →

Leadership Reflections

Leaders working in digital learning environments face challenges and opportunities that technology and globalization have pushed to new and transformative goals in education. As a teacher in a K12 learning environment, I believe that the most important attributes of a… Continue Reading →

What constitutes innovation? New thinking and ACTIONS.

In reading Dron (2014) and Goldman et al. (2012), I contemplated what constitutes innovation in the context of a distance education setting. As a K-12 educator, I consistently found that the challenges of change and innovation in distance education have… Continue Reading →

Amplifying All Student Voices and Inclusivity in Digital Learning Communities: Part B

Assignment 1: Part B Lisa Gedak and Leigh McCarthy Designing and fostering inclusive online learning environments led us to propose the free, web-based platform Flipgrid in our blog post entitled Amplifying All Student Voices and Inclusivity in Digital Learning Communities… Continue Reading →

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