Island Ramblings – Unit 5 Reflections…



Sorry for the length, but here is my quick reflection on how I felt the course went and my own digital identity.


4 thoughts on “Island Ramblings – Unit 5 Reflections…

  1. Hi Ash,

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful reflections. Your candor when speaking about the challenges of balancing school, work and personal lives as you embark on your MA journey is appreciated – as is the beautiful Gabriola Island backdrop 🙂 I would encourage you to continue to explore your curiosities around the use of Slack, Reddit and other software as you move throughout the program and share what you find!

    • Thank you for the comments Elizabeth. Yes, the Gabriola visit was a nice recharge for the kids and me. One of the things or terms that has come up over the last few weeks, as we push students from in-class to online environments, is the idea of a “digital fatigue” that students are facing. Notably, when they are required to download and engage their professors’ content using new technologies, all different from the next. I think this will be quite prevalent in the Fall, especially if schools are not wrangled under one uniform delivery method. I currently know that my university is looking to replace its long term LMS with a much more robust one that can handle the 700 plus courses going online; however, with different faculty using collaborate, zoom, and Google hangouts, it’s still a bit of a mashup.

  2. Thank you for your ramblings, Ash. Someday we’ll get this time management thing figured out. I’ve found Slack (or other IM systems like MS Teams or Discord) to be a fantastic tool to keep learners engaged, especially with online delivery. Slack can pose potential issues due to their data being hosted in the USA and Europe, but if I’ve found MS Teams to be just as good… though I admit I pushed back hard when they made us switch. Would love to hear how you plan to use tools like Slack or Reddit in your courses! Partially because I’m curious and partially because I want to steal your ideas.

    • David, I would be happy for you to steal my ideas. LOL. One of the prof’s I know using SLACK, is from the software world of silicon valley and it doesn’t surprise me that that are using this tool, but I am always on guard when it comes to FOIPPA(Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) guidelines and where our data is stored. I think Discord might be the most beneficial one to use with the class, as in addition to teaching, I have a regular position that needs attending too, so my office hours might not always overlap with the student’s schedule. We already have a pretty active Reddit community on campus, but the “TROLL” factor seems to be more prevalent there, and with the Discord, at least the prof can control some of the access.

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