As someone who worked in graphic design and marketing, I have a some understanding of sharing resources, creative commons licensing, and copyright. These are areas that you really need to understand if you’re going to use or share anything on the internet, and if you don’t understand them it can come back to haunt you. But I’m not in graphic design or marketing anymore, and I still feel quite new to the world of education and how we go about sharing and using open resources in this context. Of particular interest to me were the 5 R’s of OER and the links to OER resources online, as these can serve as a guide for how to construct helpful OER for others and then where to share that OER once it is completed.

Though I feel I am still new to the world of education, I know there are areas that I can use my skills to create resources that may be helpful for other educators. I wasn’t certain of how to go about doing this, since I don’t really know what other educators are looking for and what is considered important within an OER. The 5 R’s provide a great foundation for elements that I need to consider when developing OER, ensuring that there is some balance within those areas before I share a resource with the wider world. The mention of the reusability paradox piqued my interest and I will need to look further into this concept, and how to strike a balance within a resource through straightforward revisability.

With the shift to online teaching due to COVID-19, a number of instructors and supports within our school have shared online resources, but there have been few OER links that apply to my field. Often times, I find the OER I find is not at a quality that I need for my teaching, or I just can’t find anything that relates to marketing and design. The education-specific links provided in the session look like they may be a quality jumping off point for me to find new sources of OER that may even apply to the subjects I teach, and maybe even serve as places I could share OER that I create in the future. Quality resources that are vouched for by reliable individuals in education are incredibly helpful, especially for those of us who are starting out and don’t know where to look.