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I have always struggled with the issue of piracy discussed in a video. My views on it have changed over the years and I still switch sides from time to time depending on the context. Could it be due to the possibility that it’s not a black and white issue? In the example of farmers modifying the software, I can agree with arguments on both sides. As a tractor owner, I would wish to enjoy the freedom of doing whatever I wish with my property. On the other side, as a manufacturer I would wish to retain some control over access to the software. Perhaps, both sides are extreme in their approaches and if there was a desire to find compromise, some sort of win-win resolution could be achieved?

Like many students, I have been in situations where paying $100-$200 for multiple textbooks meant making uncomfortable adjustments to an already pitiful lifestyle. They reminded me of how poverty does not help in making ethical decisions. In a survival mode, I found it hard to think about others, my needs were too pressing. As a young student, I was also a consumer with not much to offer to society. When I became an adult and started playing a role of a creator, my perspective has drastically changed. I realized how much time, energy and sacrifice it takes to create anything of value. To have it pirated is painful. Some creators adapted by giving away some of the content for free or even welcoming the unsanctioned distribution of their content, which serves the purpose of reaching a bigger audience. Once they become relatively known, they can harvest income in some other ways. Nowadays, I lean towards this approach.

It was interesting to learn how different layers of Creative Commons licencing address some of these issues. The official CC website is much more in-depth, it’s definitely going into my bookmarks. 


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  1. I agree, it’s interesting how our position in life can change our perspective on copyright.
    If we are a consumer, we often want more openness and content to be available for less money; if we are a creator, we often want more restrictions in order to be compensated for our work. If we are just starting in life, we tend to be more frugal; if we are further in our careers, we can afford to spend more. We are constantly evaluating the outcomes of our actions and our current situation plays a huge role in making these value decisions.

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