Which ‘Which’ is Which?

Reflections on Instructional Design Model Selection In my journey into instructional design, I have noticed Instructional Designers often referring to ADDIE, an acronym combining Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (“ADDIE Model,” 2019; Dousay, 2017, p. 3), as a key design model. With a background in web development and programming spheres, tight timelines are the […]

The Haves and Have Nots

A speculation on the effects of the Digital Divide on education in 2030 The COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on society 2020, in particular the forced and rushed adoption of learning technology in many K-12 schools, has spurred a good deal of discussion regarding the role of online and blended learning. In envisioning what technology use in […]

The “First Few Years” of EdTech? (1994-2001)

Initial Thoughts on Chapters 1-8 of 25 Years of Ed Tech It’s been really interesting reading Weller’s 25 Years of Ed Tech. While I shared many of the earlier experiences (BBS, IRC and AOL’s horrible experience (and their “coasters“), teaching myself HTML in ’95-’96, using Encarta and watching it’s replacement by Wikipedia) some of these […]

Thoughts on Open Education and Open Education Resources

Reflections on Clint Lalonde’s Virtual Symposium Presentation Having blogged about it before for LRNT521, it was good to watch Clint Lalonde’s talk on Open Education and Open Educational Resources. I know that it is one thing I have enjoyed about this particular program, the openness of the resources. (Not least of which not having to […]

Reflections on Assignment 2

Creating an eLearning Group Project One thing that I have really enjoyed with this latest class, LRNT522 Introduction to Research: Critical Reading and Writing, was working with fellow students on Assignment 2 to review theoretical frameworks. The assignment included creating an annotated bibliography and a presentation regarding three learning theories, our assigned theories being Adult […]