Final Deliverable DLRCP

In addition to my written report, the final deliverable for my DLRCP project is a prototype of an H5P branching scenario. This is the first iteration of this prototype and I deliberately did it with no additional assistance to see what was one person was capable of creating. (Hence not “patient”, but this will likely come in future iterations).

This activity is intending to walk MRT (x-ray students) through a skull projection called the PA axial (Caldwell). Based on data collected from interviews from faculty and graduated students now working in the field, skull imaging is on the decline, but national competencies still require student learn it. It is hoped an activity like this allows students to repeat this scenario until they are confident to perform this projection prior to a high risk assessment that determines their progression in the program.

As this is the first iteration, work that will be done past the end of this project will include getting additional feedback from users.

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  1. An added bonus to H5P is the ability to edit the activity without having to reupload. My original upload after reviewing it on the blog has some spelling issues and was missing an image. With the H5P plug in WordPress, I was able to make those changes without having to reupload another corrected version!

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