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I am an MAIS student and a former instructor at Coast Mountain College. My main work related interests include Experiential Place-based Learning, history and geography. I live in Victoria BC and enjoy a variety of outdoor pursuits that usually include water or mountains.

LRNT 524: ID Manifesto

An Instructional Design Manifesto Mind Map By John Dyck For LRNT 524

LRNT 524 Design Thinking Challenge (Triad)

LRNT 524 Unit 3, Activity 2, Team #9 The Moodle Super Interface Rod, John, and Denys present the Moodle Super Interface! This concept evolved through a series of synchronous meetings where we got to know each other and our challenges,… Continue Reading →

LRNT 524: Unit 2, Activity 1

Unit 2 Activity 1: LRNT 524 Using Design Tools and powers       How: My instructional focus over the last few years (after I ceased lecturing) has been to implement active learning and Outdoor Experiential Education (OEE) in my… Continue Reading →

Critique of Dick & Carey and Kemp Design Models: LRNT 524

The two instructional design models (ID) chosen for this critique are: the Dick and Carey and the Kemp models. According to Göksu, Özcan, Çakir, and Göktas (2017) these are two popular instructional design models, and are suitable for digital learning… Continue Reading →

LRNT 524 Unit 1, Activity 2: Exploring Design Models

Activity 2: Exploring Design Models The formal use (or study) of instructional design models is new to me in an educational context which includes BC public schools and the college system. I have been in I recognize structures and frameworks… Continue Reading →

Activity 6 Outdoor Experiential Education vs Digital Ways of Knowing

As I ponder assignment three I marvel at some technological changes that have occurred over the past 33 years since I began teaching. However, until this current pandemic, the goals and institutional elements of a physical classroom full of students… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1: Brian O’Dwyer, a relevant individual resource

Brian O’Dwyer, Founder of CognaLearn By John | Sept. 19, 2020 | LRNT 523 Brian O’Dwyer is an ed-tech leader who is the founded CognaLearn in 2015. After serving as the CFO of an airline that was sold, he turned… Continue Reading →

More Reflections on Weller’s 25 Years of ed tech

When I started with Coast Mountain College (CMTN) then known as Northwest Community College my work took me to the First Nations villages scattered on the BC North Coast. There were no ed tech systems in place and often no… Continue Reading →

Some Initial Reflections on Weller’s 25 Years of Ed Tech: Chapters 1-8

  Recently, I have been travelling throughout parts of Southern BC and reading 25 years of ed tech by Martin Weller. In my previous work as a high school teacher and a career and college preparation instructor I rarely considered… Continue Reading →

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