Unit 2 Activity 1: LRNT 524

Using Design Tools and powers





My instructional focus over the last few years (after I ceased lecturing) has been to implement active learning and Outdoor Experiential Education (OEE) in my teaching practice. Active learning in my context takes shape mainly through Team-based Learning (TBL), but I have used other team or group work scenarios. Though I have not had the challenge of teaching online, TBL can now be implemented in digital format which transfers the major components of this methodology and using the same student-centered approach. OEE is using the natural environment to prompt connections between humans and other beings, to create the opportunity for transformational moments. Use of journaling for reflection after an experience


TBL works best in advanced (ABE) and university credit courses, but team or group work can also be implemented at any level. I use weekly journaling in most classes as part of a participation component I have not used the Moodle online version of journaling, but apparently it works well, something for me to investigate. I find that Google docs are very effective for teamwork. I have used the BrightSpace LMS platform and in my brief exploration and implementation found the tools to be useful for teamwork assignments, formative, and summative evaluation. OEE can start as simply as a focused walk in the woods. Several times I have had the pleasure of creating a trail and leading International students on a walk to observe the natural environments; their comments in journals were both astonishing and delightful!


The four quadrants of my diagram refer to the three of the main components of my approach. I resonate with the tenets of Constructivism. The fourth quadrant, technology, is an area that I need much more development in for future interaction with students. Technological skills and techniques are needed to make evident the other three components. Additionally, I prefer to give students’ choices on how they will present assignments or projects. In the future I hope to work with instructional designers now that I am aware of their importance to the pedagogical process.